Friday, October 08, 2021

Ten of the longest and fastest moving years.

 I can't believe it's been ten years.

I can still hear your voice...

and Arnie's bark.

You are missed!

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Birthday Season!

 It seems that we have birthday seasons in our family...

When Mr. K and I married, we compounded that!

We had July, my brother, me, Mr. K's daughter-in-law and son...

Let's get August with Mr. K, Tony and Mindy (4 days apart), 

And today, September 1, we have Andy!

So for now, we can take a little break...Until October!

I'd post everyone's photo but I don't have time to look for them!

Maybe later!

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

What Happened Next?

 We got things under control, somewhat...

After paying more that $300 each for four keys...

Mr. K got his car inspected...

He still had to park it in the driveway because Kia issued a recall for some fire danger,

but they didn't know when or even if they would fix it.

I didn't care, I LOVED parking in the center of the garage.

Suddenly, Mr. K realized his car was 5 years old.  He said he never keeps a car longer than 5 years...

I just shook my head...I've had cars that were 21+ years old and they were just fine!

I told him that if he was going out to buy a SUV, I'd like one with third row seating...

After all, our family was growing!

My wish was his command.

In two weeks, we racked up 1800 miles when it started acting crazy.

Mr. K called the dealer.  They offered him a service appointment three weeks away.

Furious, he called Kia and they told him to go to any Kia dealer, so he did.

A week later, they told him they had to replace the transmission cooler or something like that.

He asked for a loaner and they told him they had none.  He had to go across the street and rent one.

So he did...

The only car they had was a Mitsubishi Mirage...
I said it was more like a miracle (that he could get in it).

A week after that, they told him the part was in transit. Then they didn't know...

Again, he asked for a loaner...they had none so he called the rental company and they did get him a bit bigger car...

Finally, the part came in!

It did not fix the problem, they said they would have to replace the transmission but really didn't know when they would get one.

A few days later, I got in my car and it said that my key was not in range.

I knew it was, so I tried again and it started, very slowly.

I backed out of the garage, put the top down and went to the convenience store.

When I went to drive home, my car wouldn't start!

Two really nice guys, one weighing 300+ pounds and carrying a chihuahua, tried to jump my battery.

No go.

Now, you realize that in our house, crap comes in twos, right?  

I called Mr. K and he came over and called AAA.  After a 20 minute phone call, they told him a tow truck would be there in 25 minutes.

We sat inside, eating convenience store food when I looked out.

It was raining!!!!!

I ran out, not sure what I was going to do, but just before I was soaked, the tow truck pulled in.

he got my car started and I was able to put the top up...

I drove home.

Long story short, my battery died...had to get a new one!

Good news, the Kia dealer gave Mr. K a loaner, it's even nicer than the one we bought! 

They have had the car for 35+ days.

Kia never responds to us.  So far, it was $2700 to rent the car.

One last thought...He bought the Kia  because of the great warranty.  10 years or 100,000 miles.  Wonder if they are waiting out the ten years?

I'll be back soon!  Promise

She said her name is Grandma Jan

Monday, March 29, 2021

Over Keyed!

 Last Tuesday, we got the call from the VW dealer...

My car keys were done and I could come and get my car!

If my arthritis wasn't so bad, I would have done a happy dance.

Sad part was I didn't have anywhere to go...

Mr K didn't have a key to his car, but he could always find places to go...

I considered renting him my key to his car... 

On Thursday, I took Locklan and Teagan to visit Henry and Luca!

Oh my goodness, Henry was so happy to see them he kept hugging them and giggling.

Luca got plenty of attention...

I didn't think Locklan was ever going to let him go!

I finally got them all to sit pretty still...

Every time I look at this, my heart sings!

Oh my, grandma life!

Lots more going on but I have things I have to get done before Mr.K and the dogs get up!

Friday, March 19, 2021

Here's the Key

 Actually, there is no key.

Let me start at the beginning, or even before that.

Last Friday Mr.K went to Tractor Supply for dog food.

Later that day, Mr. K could not find his car keys.

In this house, we have two complete sets.  We each have keys to both cars.

On Saturday I took my keys apart and handed him a key for his car.

We were fine...well, almost fine.

That's when he noticed that his inspection sticker expired in JANUARY!

We made it through the weekend and then Monday morning I was headed to Tony and Mindy's to babysit Henry while Mindy took Luca for his one month check up.

I grab my purse (where I always keep the keys) and hit the ignition.

It says the key is not in the car.

A quick dump of the contents of my purse on the front seat.

Nope, no key.

I asked begged Mr. K to help me find the key.

No key to be found.

The only car we have with a key is his out of inspection Kia

(that incidentally is parked in the drive because Kia recalled it and said not to park it in or near structures because of fire danger)

I jumped in his car and drove (very carefully) to baby sit.

This morning, the first available time for inspection the car was legal!

Still no key for my car.

Mr. K started making phone calls.

Finally, he spoke with Nationwide.  They agreed to help find a towing company that could get my car out of the garage and tow it to the VW dealer where they would program the new keys...when they come in on Monday or Tuesday.

We were just getting ready to eat dinner with a guy comes to our door.  He came to tow my car to the dealer.

Now, I usually park in the garage with my window open.  Don't ask why.

The guy knew how to put the car in neutral, but he could not get the window up!

Mr. K helped him put plastic over the window!

So there I was...
Watching my darling VW on the back of a tow truck...

Headed for the VW dealer to be parked in their lot with the window down?
Until Monday or Tuesday.

Somehow I could not make sense of it all, but in guy-talk, I was wrong...

The service manager (and I have plenty of bad experiences with them)
said he would send someone out to throw plastic over it.

The key is...there is no key!

But to brighten my day...

Henry and Luca took their first bath together!


Grandma life!

Friday, March 12, 2021

Look Out for Flying Time!

How could it go so quickly?

On this very day, 

52 years ago... 

I became the mother of what would become one of the world's most inquisitive, talented, funny and  handsome guy!

Michael Ambrose B. III plopped into the world weighing 9 pounds 14 ounces and standing 24 inches long which entered him into the tallest baby ever born in that small town hospital!

I would probably say it was easy-peasy but looking back...

23 hours of labor

this kid was born with the mouth of a sailor

he performed dare devil stunts from day 3

and although he only broke one bone, he had enough stitches to make a quilt.

We waited patiently for him to get married...

But he was picky, it took him a while to find the perfect one!

But he did!

Happy birthday, Michael!

Mama loves you.

Michael and his first girlfriend, Marcy.

The fab four on Michael's wedding day

At Tony's wedding...

With Catherine

And a wicked sense of humor.  I fell off my bike in the middle of the street.
Ashley ran and took a picture of me and sent it to everyone.
Thanksgiving day, Michael wore his custom t-shirt!

Yes, that's Andy photobombing!

Mom life!
(almost as much fun as grandma life)

Monday, March 01, 2021

Corgi Day?

 This morning my newsfeed announced that it was National Welch Corgi Day.

I begrudgingly thought it was only appropriate to honor Miss Shirley...

But then I saw that International Corgi Day was scheduled for June 4, 2021...

What the heck, another day to honor her?

I did find yet another day, 

International Corgi Day is April 20!

Shirley said it's going to be a big celebration so she's cleaning house...

And getting supplies...

It's going to be a big one!

Which is making Winnie rather disgruntled...

How about that?!?

One whole post without photos of grandkids!

Think again!


Grandma life!